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We are a young clothing company with the aim to make
you motivate to discover the world with the same
passion we do it with.


We love adventure and are always looking for new
whether on journeys, in sports or even in business. 

We want to encourage you to break out of your
everyday life.
Do not longer watch the world from home,
go out and discover it by yourself. 

Swap remote control for compass and tablet for a map. 
There is so much to experience.
We are at your side with innovation,
functionality and design.
In all our products there is a lot of care,
a high demand on quality and a lot of attention
to detail.
We would like to contribute to the unique diversity
of our planet.
Therefore, with every product we sell we support
endangered species on our earth. *
Our world has so much to offer,
so let us inspire you to explore it
Go out, take us with you and discover it for yourself.
Join us
your personal freelance moment.

It's your life and you only have this one.

Live more & free yourself

*You will find more information at


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