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timo hahn

If you can already ride a bicycle at the age of 2.5 years, it doesn't only show great ambition, but also love for the sport. Timo was exactly the same. When he saw a pocket bike on a holiday when he was two years old, he wanted to have one. His father promised him to get one as soon as he could ride a bike. No sooner said than done, Timo learned to ride a bike and got his bike.

Today, about 16 years later, the Limburger still spends every free minute on his bike and is one of the most promising talents in downhill. In 2017 he rode his first race and finished third. Racing is in his blood, as his father used to drive rallies for FORD. In 2019 Timo won the Overall German Downhill Cup and was Overall International Winner. This year Timo changed to the elite class.
His biggest dream is to win the German and European championship.

We have no doubt about it Timo and are happy to be at your side.

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