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At 35 years of age, not everyone can claim to have travelled through 57 countries. Lukas Biry does.

As early as 2017, he crossed Africa on his bicycle to bring the famous Kola nut to Switzerland in person. Of course he succeeded in his plan and so he was able to deliver the collected nuts to his former employer, a cola producer.

Now, 3 years later, the sympathetic Basel native is drawn back to Africa. Equipped with a functional knife, a petrol stove and of course his bicycle, Lukas sets off to break out of everyday life once again. This time not to collect cola nuts, but to satisfy his longing. Longing for a culture in which life is just taken easier and lived into the day.

Together with a friend the globetrotter travels from Luanda (Angola) through Namibia and South Africa to Lesotho within 3 months. From there the two will travel by plane to Benin and continue their tour to Ghana.

So, while covering thousands of kilometres, the curious bike lover will enjoy the bright faces of the locals and their joy of life. This is what impresses Lukas again and again. How open the people are for him and how they appreciate life and celebrate it to the sound of typical African music.

But of course, in such an adventure, not everything is always as unbiased and safe as it seems at first glance. So Lukas has already experienced things that others dare not even imagine.

When he crossed Guinea Bissau, a Kalashnikov was pointed in his face, in Cambodia he was stabbed with a knife and in the Ivory Coast Lukas made the acquaintance of a leopard. Although these were always stressful situations, the curious adventurer tried to stay calm and keep a cool head. This helped him to get through the situations.

This is exactly how he wants to do it this time, as of course the current situation in the townships of South Africa does not pass him by and should he not be able to avoid the route, he uses his fear as a motivation to react calmly to the situations.

The man, who has already covered more kilometres by bike than many  traveler by plane, impressed us with his open-mindedness from the first minute. We can hardly wait to hear more reports about his journey and we are very curious how he does this time.

His message for you: "Everyone should try to travel by bike and earn the places. This, sometimes even meditative, experience will let you discover the diversity of the world. You meet the people on a different level and it makes you more respectful towards other cultures.


If you want to see more of Lukas just visit his homepage or his Instagram account. You can find the links here:

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